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Thread: For my peace of mind....

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    Unhappy For my peace of mind....

    I need help here ladies...

    I'm feeling very familiar symptoms and I just want to know if I'm going crazy or not. I had a miscarriage in January of this year and felt most of the "normal" preg symptoms, but since we were not TTC, it was totally unexpected so I figured it all out after I lost the baby.

    This time is almost the same:
    -I'm 9 days late, but I started spotting maybe 2 days ago (I normally spot for a couple of hours before my period starts to flow heavily).
    -I normally have PMS symptoms before my period, but this time it was a couple of days after (mostly just sore breasts and headaches).
    -I started cramping very slightly when I started spotting on Saturday but nothing big (I normally cramp really badly, especially before my period flow starts.)
    -And this morning has been extra special since I threw up for no reason and am still nauseous even after drinking chamomile tea....

    My head still hurts, still nauseous, still can't touch my breasts, bloated, a little dizzy/fatigued.

    However, I have been a little stressed lately and I'm on thyroid replacement therapy since my thyroidectomy (my medication has been controlled that I know of. I can normally tell when my thyroid hormones are off)

    I just need a little peace of mind to get me through today. If no REAL period starts by tomorrow morning, I'm taking a test.
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    I think that taking a test is a good idea.
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    Take a test!

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    I will, I will. Tomorrow, if I don't get my period. I can't test with hubby around, I don't want to freak him out for no good reason until I'm Positive...

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    Definitely test . Keep us posted! Lots of babydust!
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    So I never pee'd on the stick (I can't look at one since the m/s...).

    My "period" came a couple of days after I posted. It was heavy for one full day with a lot of cramping and clots it later got a lot lighter and lasted about three-four days. Although my periods are usually heavy for the first 3 days and last min 7 days, I still assumed this was my period so I stopped worrying.

    But the nausea hasn't gone away and I've been EXTREMELY tired this past week. My husband has to literately drag me out of bed in the morning and I don't really "wake up" until well in the afternoon. But my breasts stopped hurting after "period" stopped... So I'm just very confused.

    I have been really stressed out lately and this isn't helping, I'm going to have to suck it up and pee on the stick to clear my head.

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    I would POS just to give you some peace of mind. Sounds like your period, maybe just a weird cycle this month??
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    Good things come in small packages...

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