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    We are going to Disneyland in October. I have never been before and it's been 15+ years since John has been so I know a lot has changed. So...I have a few questions!

    *Does anyone know anything about the disability passes I've heard rumors about? I've heard they cannot specifically ask you to show "proof" of a stated disability-is this true? I would like to be able to have Scharae do as many rides as possible but the line waiting with the loud ride noises right next to her...not too likely to happen! She does have an autism dx but I don't know what I would bring to "prove" that, you know?

    *Food-are the meal plans worth it? I don't even know what a "meal plan" is. john has just asked a few times if we're going to get them??? We are staying at a vacation home a few blocks from the park and I had though we would walk home for lunch, take a sanity break and walk back for the afternoon. But I keep hearing that "the food is part of the Disney experience". So with that-does anyone know if there are many GF options or would that mainly be limited to the frozen dessert type stuff and not the actual FOOD?

    *Strollers-Scharae is 7 and is a tall kid, weighs about 50#. I know we don't own a stroller that fits her anymore, but I know there are some out there. She has braces in her shoes and her feet can get really tired sometimes. We're going with another family with a 3yo-any ideas on a double stroller that would let her fit also, or does the park rent strollers? Is it absurd to even consider planning on a big 7yo to be in a stroller at some point?

    And finally-we're staying 5 nights but are undecided on if we want to do 3, 4 or 5 days at Disney/California Adventure. John really wants to go to Universal Studios one day. Would 3 or 4 days at Disney be "enough"?

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    We just went last month...and only spent 1 day. I think 3 or 4 would be great.

    We brought food in, a loaf of bread, a jar of PB and a jar of jelly (don't bring glass jars.) We also brought bars, snacks and other things. We paid for the character breakfast when we first arrived. It was a great way to start the the kiddos filled up with a nice hot meal and lots of the characters come to you for meet and greet and was $100 for 5 (Jericho was free.) We also bought dinner there. We didn't find meals to be any more costly that any other eat out type of place....the snacks and extra crap is where they try and get ya LOL.

    We rented 2 strollers, they are not huge but worked. All of our kiddos are walkers and hand holders but we were there from 9am-close and knew people would get tired. My kids are pretty big for their age, 50 lbs for 2 of them, and they fit just fine...Lily actually passed out for a short nap in one as we were walking. They do have a lot of stroller stealing that goes on, usually just people that thought yours was theirs since they all look alike. I would never leave valuables in the stroller and make a bigger homemade type sign with your last name on it to tape to the handle bars. I saw a number of strollers like this and wish we would have done it as our strollers got taken a few times. It was also nice to have a place to put our back packs and supplies when no one was riding.

    No idea on the disability pass...I have heard that they do exist though.

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    Disability Pass: It shouldn't be a problem. Go to Check on the family section, disAbilities section, or the Disneyland section. Someone should have an answer for you.
    Food: When we went we just brought a ton of snacks with us. We didn't do any meal plans. Most people don't think too highly abut the dinning plan in Disneyland. In the Disneyland section of the you can find menus to all the restaurants with prices.
    Strollers: We brought out double stroller. I saw a lot of older kids in strollers. If her feet get tired quickly I would do it. You know your child best.

    Have a blast! Our trip this year has been one of the highlights of the year!
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    No idea on the disability pass... Food wise we usually do at least one Character meal... I like to do it the night we arrive sort of a kick off to the trip! The kids love it... its pretty normal restaurant food. There aren't meal plans at disney the way there are at universal studios (Although I didn't really like how it worked out at universal... I like eating when we're hungry, not given specific time slots).

    They do rent strollers... My kids are not big into the stroller, however its nice for carry all the stuff... They do rent them there, not doubles though.

    Universal... just an fyi in October it will be pretty gruesome... Might work for some families, but I've been as an adult and wouldn't take my kids during halloween themed stuff at universal... lots more gory blood/guts type horror where Disney in Oct is more cartoony-halloween...

    We are waiting to see if we can get there in OCT this year as well!
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    I have no clue about the disability pass, sorry. However as far as the "food plan" is concerned don't waste your money on them, they are sooooo not worth it for families. And as for a stroller, what about a sit n stand??? They are made for bigger kids.
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