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    Talk to me about it! I never had it with my first two, but the other night DH and I DTD and after that I had ctx consistently for hours. Starting at 9 pm till I went to bed at 10:30. I drank a ton of water but that didnt stop them. They seemed like really strong BH ctx, not real labor ctx. Sleep was hard to come by and I woke up at3 am and was up till 5 with the ctx's as well. Again I drank a ton of water and that didnt help. I didn't want to call my dr cause I didn't want to be sent to the ER just to be sent home. I eventually fell asleep again and when I got up in the morning everything was normal.

    Does that sound like false labor or something else? I've never had Braxton Hicks last that long so consistently. Some were really really strong. Just wondering about others experiences, thanks!
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    Sounds like your body's just getting ready Watch for your mucus plug/bloody show. That'll tell you if the contrax are doing anything. With my last one, I started losing my plug a week before giving birth and two or three days before birth I started bloody show. When the show started, the contrax got stronger. Then the day before birth, my contrax were very consistent and stopped at 11pm. I woke up and everything picked up again at 12pm. I had my baby in my arms by 7pm. Good luck mama! You're close!!!

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    Sounds like BH to me. I get them like that - consistent for hours - all the time now. Had it some with my first but it's gotten way worse every pregnancy. My midwife told me that taking a warm bath or shower is a good way to tell the difference. The warm water relaxes the muscles/body and will typically cause BH to stop or at least become irregular so you know that's what it is. I used to do it a lot but now I just ignore them once I get past 37 weeks or so. If I can still walk, talk, and function life proceeds as usual until that changes. I've relaxed into the idea that baby's gonna come when baby wants to come but until then I have things to get done so I can enjoy him when he arrives.

    I hope you can get some rest and enjoy whatever time you have left in this pregnancy.

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