My sleep schedule has gone bonkers these past couple of weeks. My fiancÚ is a night owl, usually up til 11pm and sometimes later...sometimes he makes me stay up with him since that's our time together because he works all hours of the day and night.

This is what my typical and logical sleep schedule used to be and should be lol

wake at 7:00am, take care of the farm animals, eat breakfast, quick light workout, shower, work for the day, stop work at 4pm and do my daily house chores, feed the animals, eat supper and get ready for bed - be in bed between 9 & 10pm.

However lately I can barely get up in the AM! I didn't crawl out of bed til 9:30AM today and fed the animals at 10, ate breakfast around 11, ate lunch around 1, didn't get much work done at all, took care of a few house hold chores. Around 2:30pm laid down and couldn't move! My body was done. I fell asleep around 5pm and napped til 8pm. Went to feed the animals came in, ate a late supper and cookies for desert and right now am wide awake! its 11PM! At this rate I wont be able to get up til 9AM again. I work for the family business thankfully so on days when I cant work I don't get back lash from a boss but I do lose my pay for the day and the animals don't get the 100% care I like to provide to them.

Anywho this is how my sleep schedule is started to be lately and I don't like it! Is it my own new habits getting in the way or has anyone else experienced crazy sleep patterns in pregnancy?