We are in the process of moving...almost done, finally. The new house is great, bigger house, 2 bathrooms, on a cul de sac...the only con is that we are now 35-60 min (depending on traffic) from our only real sitter, MIL.

The cul de sac neighbors are all super friendly and seem to know everything about each other LOL. My SILs family used to own this house so she knows all the neighbors and had no complaints about any of them other than they can be up in your business a bit. 2 houses over from us is a family with a 15 1/2 year old daughter...who wants to babysit.

We are leaning towards trying her out, we have talked to her a couple times...she seems nice and mature for her age. Also like that her family is a house away should she need them.

Would you guys give her a chance? I know I was babysitting at that age...but kids these days are so much different.

I did like that she has a cell phone but it doesn't text, she said her parents wouldn't allow her a texting phone...seems like good people to me LOL.