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Thread: Yeast Infection? Treatment?

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    Libby had a diaper rash come about a few days ago. It didn't look horrible until after her bath. I noticed during the bath she kept grabbing at herself, but it was almost like she was grabbing her lower belly like babies often do. I could tell it was irritating, though, and when she got out of the tub she was bright red on her lady parts and a little around the inside of her legs where her diaper rubs. Not so much on her bottom, though. I treated it with A&D salve, and took her to the Doctor the next day for her well check and asked the Pedi about it then. By that point, it had gone from solid red to speckled. He took a look, it didn't look awful, he said to keep treating it with the A&D and if it didn't clear up in a day or so, to go ahead and treat it like a yeast infection (with OTC meds...he named a couple).

    Tonight, it is still red and speckled...the "speckles" are raised bumps. I did a quick inspection and noticed that her clitoris is a deep purplish red, almost like she scratched herself. No discharge.

    So, I've never had a yeast infection before and have no idea on how to use the OTC meds (I'm sure I could read the label, but thought I'd check with the experienced first!), which are best suited for babies, etc. Any recommendations? Also, does this sound like a yeast infection? She was grabbing herself tonight, also, like it's itching her (or hurting even?).

    Thanks, ladies!

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    Clotimazole, aka Lotrimin. The same stuff that is used to treat fungal infections of the feet. Mira has had trouble in the past along these lines, and that's what we use.

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    Thanks! I'll give it a whirl.

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