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Thread: Question for experienced homeschooling moms

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    Default Question for experienced homeschooling moms

    How do you keep record on what you worked on and for how long? The umbrella school we are using has an online reporting system but basically you just put in number of days for attendance purposes. But I wonder what you found most practical for daily tracking of activities. Do you use a calendar and just jot down activity and how long it took? The online system also allows for creating a portfolio where I can enter activity and the dates we worked on it but I do not think I will be able to enter this multiple times a day as we go. And if I try to enter it later, I know I am not going to remember all details. Thanks.

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    I have to keep up with hours and days in my state.

    I just use a regular teacher's planner. In the past, I have also made my own lesson planner.

    Each day, I do something like this: (example)

    Date: 6-24-2013
    Day of the school year: 170
    Hours Today: 6
    Total hours this year: 1045 total hours

    For each subject, I write down the page numbers and what the lesson was about.
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    Mi has no state regulations for hs but most of us keep records "just in case" . I just use a lesson plan spreadsheet dh made. It's pretty straightforward and I only keep track of days not hours so 180 school days even though my kids usually finish most of their subjects by day 135 and a few kiddos will still be working on a subject or two beyond that.

    The spreadsheet has a line for student's name and grade, school day (day 1-180), subjects, and a space to write the date when that school day was completed. Beneath the subjects are boxes and I just put an x in the box if they satisfactorily completed that subject and a - if they didn't do that subject that day (a blank means incomplete and they have the rest of the quarter to finish that assignment)...if they took a test I record their score.

    At the end of the year I make a transcript for each child which lists exactly which books I used for each subject and their grades (or just a complete for the younger kiddos).

    Everything goes into the filing cabinet in specific folders. I keep all toddler-1st workbooks, school related crafts, etc...but 2nd-12th I only keep tests, reports/writing assignments, special projects, art, etc.

    I also have a separate worksheet I use to keep track of field trips, volunteer work, extracurricular activities (athletics, music lessons, etc...), work experience, etc...

    HSLDA has a lot of forms for keeping records...tons of good info on their website
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    I also am not required to keep any records but have for my own sake. I have tried a few different things over the years, but generally some form of a lesson planner. Right now I'm using a seperate page for each child with the days across the top and subjects down the page. I put the date, the week we are in (1-36). The older kids fill out their own plans for the week, I fill out the 3rd graders. Then as they finish the task they just check it off. If they didn't finish it they put it on next weeks plan.

    A friend of mine uses I'm not sure if it is something to use for daily tracking or not.

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