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Thread: Hypoglycemia in pregnancy

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    Default Hypoglycemia in pregnancy

    I just found out I'm very hypoglycemic. I had gestational diabetes with my 2nd son and so was tested early this time to see if pregnancy hormones had triggered it early. I'm in the clear for now, but my midwife told me that while most people test at 170 or so (during a 2 hr GTT w/ fasting before) my HIGH # was only at 77. at the 2 hour mark I was at 53. This probably explains a lot of my fatigue lately and constant hunger as well. The tricky part is what to eat, when to eat it and how much especially when I'm still in the "nothing sounds good" stage.

    Suggestions? Advice?
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    Early pregnancy brings fatigue and hunger ;)

    Hypoglycemia is really closely related to gestatonal (or type 2) diabetes. It has to do with the body's ability to balance sugar and insulin. So the treatment and diet is similar. Protein is your friend! Avoid simple carbs and sugars.

    Can you handle almonds? Or other nuts? That was always my goto snack while in the yucky stage of pregnancy. They don't have a strong taste, but have lots of protein.

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    My one hour test yielded a result of 55, I think. By that time I was pretty miserable since I had been running errands that morning and missed my normal snack. My OB just said to make sure that I eat about every two hours which is what I normally do. Fasting of any sort for me has always been miserable.
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