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    Well Monday was the day that we were told to show up at 2:30 and grandma lady was supposed to show up at 2:00. She didn't show so the visit was cancelled. Of course we were already headed there when we got the call, but I figured that would happen so I had planned errands in the area. That's three visits in a row now that she hasn't shown to. They said they aren't scheduling anything else until they can sit down and talk with her and see if they can figure out what's going on and what she's thinking. I just hope she doesn't say that she's still interested...she's been to 3 of 9 visits over 5 months. That doesn't seem interested to me. Sometimes I think it's all a game to her and she's just enjoying stalling things up. Plus it's not like she called to say she couldn't make it to visits, she just didn't show up at all. So...yeah. I really hope that there aren't any stupid decisions made here and that we're who they pick for the permanency plan. This is just nuts at this point.
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    Seems to me like they'd be idiots to choose anyone else for the permanency plan.

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    They'd be crazy to let her get custody! I hope you hear something soon!

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