So I went for my 10 week ultrasound and appointment tues and long story short we found out our baby stopped growing at 6 weeks. There was a fetal pole and a yolk sack but that's it, no heat best, plus the gestational sack is irregular shaped, almost like an exaggerated kidney bean. My doctor and the ultrasound tech were beyond wonderful! They have both been through similar miscarriages and my doctor shared her experience with me. She explained my options...wait it out, the pill (that's what my doctor did), or d&c. She said it was 100% up to us and she explained all three options in detail. My baby has been gone for 4 1/2 weeks and my symptoms are still soooo strong. My nausea is horrible. I don't think my body has any idea the baby is gone. She said it could still take a couple weeks to miscarry naturally. I would prefer to do it naturally so I don't have to make a decision. My doctor said if I needed to come back for another ultrasound that was fine, they did two that day and the rational side of me knows what I saw and there was no question....but part of me (the one that's in denial) says I want to see it one more time just to make sure. For some reason I always thought when you miscarry you start bleeding right away....this waiting knowing my baby is gone but still there is torture. I just want this to all be over with. I first said I wanted to give it until Friday night and then I would do the pill but after reading people's experiences with it, it sounds brutal. Does anyone have any advice?