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    I mite be pregnant I haven't gotten my period I took a test a week late and it came up neg. but it's been two and a half weeks and I still haven't gotten my period was going to take one more test and see but than I had unprotected sex should I take morning after or take a pregnancy test first or?

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    How old are you is your periods usually regular need a little more detail

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    Morning after pill only works for 72 hours after you have sex - if your period is late it's too late to take it. Take another test but I'd doubt your pregnant - most likely would have shown up on the test you took after you were a week late...

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    Not necessarily IM 7 weeks and still getting neg urine tests

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    It is HIGHLY unusual for HPT's to be negative past the 5th week (if you have a regular period), when the baby has been conceived for 3 weeks and plugged in for around 2, there should be more than enough pregnancy hormone floating around to pick up on any test, just saying; some people do get false negatives, but it's really not that common, especially the farther along you are.

    Angel, I thought your stuff was still indeterminate as to whether or not you are???
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    Nope it's for sure now ;-)

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    I pretty much already knew it was the only explanation for all the symptoms it was and is like Txt book and then when my period or so called period did what it did after over 10 years I knew :-) doctor said that was implantation bleeding not just a light period

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