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Thread: Need an advice regarding 3D Ultrasound

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    Question Need an advice regarding 3D Ultrasound

    Hello everyone! My name is Melissa, 27 years old from CA and I'm married for 3 years now to the most wonderful husband in the world. We are 15 weeks pregnant and I am so excited!

    Since its my first time, I went ahead and searched for more information in google. That way, I can take care of this little angel inside me. So anyway, I have been searching online and I came across the topic "3D Ultrasound". And then I found the site, (link removed). For the record, they offer a 3d model of your unborn child by just using the pictures from your ultrasound. I am fascinated by their service as I have never heard of something so advance like this yet! As a first time mother, I can't wait to see my baby.. The thought of getting a chance to see my baby in its actual size and how my unborn baby looks like excites me, that I don't want to miss this opportunity. But I am curious as well if anyone has tried something like this? Tell me, is it a good idea to get a 3D Ultrasond and printed into a 3d, realistic, sculpture of your unborn baby?

    I appreciate anyone who can share their experience or thoughts about this.

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    I know nothing about it but I say go for it!
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    I'd say if you can afford it go for it. I've heard about the sculptures on TV but, never saw in real life.

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