(I did post this under TTC - first time user sorry)

Im am not really trying to conceive right now, hence the BC, but at the same time would be oh so happy if we did happen to conceive.

So my question is this....

I started a new BC on 9th or 10th of May (after not taking any for about a year or so). Well my body did not like that pill and it made me very ill so after taking only for two or three days I stopped.

May 19th I had my period.

I went on vacation and so was unable to start a new prescription until I returned. On June 2nd I started Beyaz. I am pretty sure I ovulated on or around 06/06/13. Experienced some dull and occasionally sharper pain on lower left side along with just feeling icky and nauseous.

Does anyone have previous experience with BC and the chances of getting pregnant if intercourse and ovulation happen during the first week of starting a new BC? I know BC makes the lining thicker so that implantation does not occur but I didn't know if there is a chance that the lining was still penetrable by the fertilized egg!

Again we would be more than thrilled to find out we are expecting, so that would explain why we did not use other forms of BC the first month on the pill, even though we are not currently trying to conceive.

The darn waiting game is such a pain. Thinking about the possibility has made me a little excited that it is a possibility but then I realized that even though I am pretty sure I ovulated it is possible that if there is a fertilized egg it won't be able to implant.