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    (I did post this under TTC - first time user sorry)

    Im am not really trying to conceive right now, hence the BC, but at the same time would be oh so happy if we did happen to conceive.

    So my question is this....

    I started a new BC on 9th or 10th of May (after not taking any for about a year or so). Well my body did not like that pill and it made me very ill so after taking only for two or three days I stopped.

    May 19th I had my period.

    I went on vacation and so was unable to start a new prescription until I returned. On June 2nd I started Beyaz. I am pretty sure I ovulated on or around 06/06/13. Experienced some dull and occasionally sharper pain on lower left side along with just feeling icky and nauseous.

    Does anyone have previous experience with BC and the chances of getting pregnant if intercourse and ovulation happen during the first week of starting a new BC? I know BC makes the lining thicker so that implantation does not occur but I didn't know if there is a chance that the lining was still penetrable by the fertilized egg!

    Again we would be more than thrilled to find out we are expecting, so that would explain why we did not use other forms of BC the first month on the pill, even though we are not currently trying to conceive.

    The darn waiting game is such a pain. Thinking about the possibility has made me a little excited that it is a possibility but then I realized that even though I am pretty sure I ovulated it is possible that if there is a fertilized egg it won't be able to implant.

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    I don't think tubal ligation is the answer here at all, but I would think that since you were only on the pill for a few days, I am not sure that this would have been enough hormones added into your system to thicken the lining of your uterus that much, or even enough to make it impenetrable to a fertilized egg. So If you guys didn't use protection the rest of the month and you were BDing while on vacation when you were ovulating, I would say the chances of you getting pregnant would be pretty good, and the chances of you being pregnant if AF is about a week late would be even higher... I would test when AF is late .
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    Quote Originally Posted by farafae89 View Post
    If you want to have birth control then you must have Tubal Ligation which is better for you and after a long time if you want to conceive you must have Tubal Reversal. I suggest you to have Tubal Ligation.
    Having a tubal ligation I would think is for someone who doesn't want to conceive at all, and or have had children already and feel that they are done. I think this would be a really risky procedure for anyone who actually wants to have children but is just waiting to TTC, considering the fact that this is a surgical procedure and all... definitely not worth the risk in my opinion if you are waiting to TTC.

    The success of a reversal can be up in the air too... If you are recommending this procedure because of being against hormonal forms of birth control, there are other ways to try and manage waiting to TTC through the use of non hormonal methods. The least invasive form of this would be NFP... Natural Family Planning... using a temping chart to figure out when your most fertile days during the month are, and then avoiding BDing during those times of the month... this is tricky, but if done right can be fairly efficient. There are classes in Natural Family Planning that are offered too in most communities... if they are church run, don't be afraid to try them out... go for the information, and learning... The other way is using condoms... I think that when you find the right brand of condom and stick to using it, and try out other ways of engaging in more foreplay and fun before having sex to increase sensitivity that is lost with the use of condoms, then using them isn't that bad... plus they offer peace of mind that may not come with NFP right away... If you are planning on using NFP, I would first use condoms once you have charted for a couple of months successfully, and then you could try not using the condoms once you know what your body is up to and cycle patterns...

    Both of these methods seem a lot better to me then surgical or other invasive options like a non hormonal IUD...
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