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    I am a week late for my period. I noticed that I have been nauseous and slightly crampy for the past week. There are some days I feel like I have started, ran to the bathroom, and find that it's only clear discharge. I also go to bed hungry, wake up hungry, and since I work in fast food, I am always snacking on like green peppers. Thought/think I'm pregnant, but got 2 negative tests. One being taken first thing in the morning. Not sure what to do now..

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    Try taking different type of test.

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    Have you been trying to conceive? I'd call your doc and let them know what's going on and see if they can get you in for a blood test.

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    I agree with the blood test too. Some women just don't get positive results right away... some not at all, although this is rare... Could be possible that you ovulated later, and so implantation has been later, which means your level of hormones would be lower still, but you period would still be delayed... Keep us posted!
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