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    Default Going crazy..

    Once again, I have to ask you something.. Hope you can help me

    I am 8 days late, haven't tested, because in the last months my period has been a bit off, but never more than 4/5 days.

    Now I'm going crazy because I feel light cramps (have been for the last 3 days) and have very very very light spotting. Can barely see it when I wipe, and not everytime I wipe (sorry for TMI)..

    So what I've read so far is that it could be normal preg cramps, could be ectopic pregnancy, and it could be a miscarriage.

    Hope you can tell me some of your experience with that. If you had light spotting and cramps, found out that you were pregnant, and gave birth to a healthy baby months later?

    I know I've been writing almost every month, but really could use some help right now ;)

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    I had cramping when I was first pregnant, but no spotting. Some people have spotting with no cramping, or nothing at all. Every woman and every pregnancy is different. Take a pink dye test using your first mornings urine tomorrow morning. Good luck!

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    yes, I am going to test tomorrow morning, hoping for a BFP this time ) thanks

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    I didn't have any cramps or spotting, but I both of those are totally normal in early pregnancy. Definitely take a test tomorrow morning! Best of luck!

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    Took a test and it was neg., but feel pregnant. Don't know if that makes sense, but everything points to that.

    Like I mentioned before I started spotting, and it got a bit heavier, but still very light. Have no "signs" of the period, no PMS (always have those) I have never been happier than now, still no haven't done number two (sorry) for a week, don't know how to explain it any other way. So I'm going to call the doctor on monday and see what he has to say

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