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Thread: can i be pregnant? need of advice and opinions

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    Default can i be pregnant? need of advice and opinions

    for the past 2 or 3 weeks ive been nauseous a little dizzy, extreme fatigue lower back ache, insomnia bloating and tender breast and nipple, had sex used withdrawal method ( i know its not safe) during most fertile days

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    Anytime you have unprotected sex, you can get pregnant. The only way to know is with a missed period and a positive pregnancy test (either the home test or a blood test with a medical professional).

    Pregnancy symptoms vary by person and how far along you are. Have you missed your period? If so, test. If you have not missed your period, you could be experiencing early symptoms. For me, I did not have the boalting, fatigue, etc. until I was 5-6 weeks along (in other words 1 to 2 weeks after I missed my period). Some people start earlier, though.

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