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Thread: Multiple miscarriages and pregnant again

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    I've had 3 miscarriages in the last three years. 2 of them within the last 5 months. I am now pregnant again with the 4th and was told by the measurements of my GS that I would be 4w5d. On my 2nd U/S they seen the sac ad yolk sac but I was told my hormones were very high to where I should've seen more. Anybody else experience this? I go again Thursday for more hormone tests and Friday for another U/S. I've researched and seen a few stories about blighted ovums and carrying twins.

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    I've also had a few miscarriages but don't have any experience of where you are right now. I think it's still pretty early to see a whole lot on the u/s. I hope your appointment goes well on Friday though and they're able to provide you with more info.
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    ! I'm so sorry to hear about your losses !!

    It's normal to not see baby on u/s until you are 7-8wks pg (even later for some women) and your hcg is over 6000. A gs is good...really really praying everything is going well and it was just too early .

    Kup on your u/s...thinking of you and praying !!
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    It is so scary to be pregnant again after miscarriage. I lost three in a row in quick succession and then unexpectedly became pregnant again. Things are good so far with this one (I'm 35 weeks now) so I just wanted to say to try not to worry. It is so very hard not to think the worst and honestly, OBs seem to always point out the bad possibilities when there is still a very good chance that everything is fine.
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