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    Okay ladies, I got my third BFN today from my third IUI. We are now moving on to IVF. I am so nervous about spending the additional money and ending up with another BFN!!!

    Okay, here are my questions...

    1) How many ladies have received a BFP on their first IVF after failed IUIs?

    2) How many Follies did you produce?

    3) How many matured?

    4) How many were transferred?

    5) Did you take a break before moving on to IVF?

    6) What is your IF diagnosis?

    Thank you ladies for sharing your stories with me. I am so sick of being told the statistics on all of this stuff. I no longer want to be a number, but instead a future mother! I am an unknown IF case. I used to be really obese and got super healthy (still working off the pounds). I used to weigh 425 lbs (I am 6 feet tall too). Today, I weigh 230lbs. I eat 1200 calories a day and lost 200 lbs with diet and exercise. I eat tons of veggies and take all of the supplements. I used to do accupuncture 5 times a month but during IUIs, I couldn't afford it, so we held off. DH lost 160 lbs and now weighs 195lbs and is 6'3". He did have low sperm count, but with Fertilaid, he has great numbers (oh and we cut out soy from his diet). Thanks for your feedback!

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    Sorry about having to move on to IVF. But praying this finally gives your your BFP.

    1. I got pregnant on my 2nd IVF after I switched to a new RE. Looking back, after 8 failed IUIs I probably should have switched REs much earlier. I'm convinced he wasn't aggressive enough and didn't really care if I got pg as long as my checks cashed. Our current RE is compassionate, aggressive and cares for me, not just my checks. She calls me multiple times to update my cycle and she takes the bfn's as seriously as I do. It made a huge difference in my outlook.

    2. Unfortunately, I can't remember what I had with my first IVF (which was at 35). With my second, when I got pg, I was 36 and had 10 follies

    3. 8 fertilized eggs.

    4. Because of my age we transferred 3 (grade A, B and C) and froze 2. One made it out of freeze for a FETbut didn't take. We got pregnant with twins, it lost one at 9 weeks. Our other baby had no problems because of losing the twin.

    5) yes, we took about five months off in between IUI and IVF. In part to save money, and in part to wrap our heads around finally having to take such a big step. But even with our failed first IVF I wouldn't change a thing. Our insurance covered nothing and we had to go into a bit of debt to make it happen, but I'm so glad we did.

    6. We have unexplained infertility, too. W started TTC'ING when I was 32. Because we never knew we'd end up doing IVF, we never got super aggressive with our trying in the first few years and felt there was time. Looking back, realizing I could have been a couple of years younger when we had our first child, I wish we'd jumped to IVF after a few failed IUI's and saved our time and money. But in the end, this was our path and I'm glad we took it. And I don't feel like my baby is suffering by my being a bit older. We're very active with him and don't feel like we can't keep up.

    I'm gearing up for another IVF in September, so I'm here if you need a buddy. I'm doing weekly acupuncture, Chinese herbs, dhea and a handful of other supplements. If I had time, I'd be doing yoga, too.

    I'm sending lots of love and babydust to you and your DH. Good luck with whatever your decision ends up being. We're all here for you!

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    My story so far is on my thread titled starting stims. I am still in the TWW so I don't know what the results will be. They think I have pcos.

    I am so sorry about your bfn

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    Thanks ladies!! I know there is no absolute, but wouldn't that be great if there were.

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    I'm sorry you have to move on to IVF, but it is great that it is part of the package that you purchased. I'll do my best with your questions...

    1) How many ladies have received a BFP on their first IVF after failed IUIs? I did! Got 2 BFPs out of IUIs, but no live births.

    2) How many Follies did you produce? I started with an AFC of 23.

    3) How many matured? 9 mature follicles, 6 eggs retrieved, 3 fertilized naturally.

    4) How many were transferred? We transferred all 3, with my history of losses, my RE said that she would be shocked if we ended up with triplets.

    5) Did you take a break before moving on to IVF? We always took a break between cycles, usually 3-4 months. Just seemed to help regroup, get healthy again, get back into life.

    6) What is your IF diagnosis? Diminished Ovarian Reserve - basically have the ovaries of a 45 year old, no one knows why. I did a lot of supplements, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, etc.

    Good luck to you. IVF can be stressful and very busy, but if you go into it knowing that, you can just take one day at a time and they cycle flies by. Try to not get caught up in the numbers game and just take and celebrate every little victory you can get. Keep us posted!

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    What other questions do you think I need to be prepared to better understand when I go to see RE on Friday? Thanks ladies!

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    I'd ask him about taking DHEA before your IVF. I did that for the first time before getting pregnant with our son. Improves egg quality. Also make sure he runs the usual tests (including thyroid) before the cycle. Some doctors figure if they did it a few months ago, it is fine. But I'd make sure everything was where it should be before beginning the IVF
    process. You can also ask him if he suggests ICSI or assisted hatching. Finally, ask if HCG might help. Again, took one round for the first time when I got pregnant. Not every RE does it, but it definitely doesn't hurt to ask. Good luck!!

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    What is DHEA?

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    Also, why would you take HCG? Thanks again!!!

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    DHEA is a hormone that improves egg quality. Ive been taking it 3 times a day since May 1st for an August or September IVF. Oops, i meant to type HGH (human growth hormone) I should never type before my 1st cup of coffee, lol...its is a controversial thing. Some REs say it helps egg quality and some say it doesn't. My RE chooses to use it to give me the best shot possible (basically she wants to try whatever we can so we don't leave any stone unturned). Sorry about the typo.

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    Thanks!! It looks like we will be on the same IVF cycle., I will definitely ask about that drug. Thanks!

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    Glad to have a cycle buddy. Good luck with your RE appt.

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