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Thread: Could I be pregnant?

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    Default Could I be pregnant?

    Need some help...
    AF May 25 only lasted for 2 days. Unprotected on June 3 & 4. (I think that I O early)

    As early as 2 days after (June 6, 2013) the following symptoms started:
    continuous Cramping (lower abdominal)
    Headache (not unusual for me)

    A couple of days later:
    stomach tightness
    hunger (not wanting to eat anything though)
    flushed cheeks continually
    heightened sense of smell (Not sure if it is unusual or I am more aware of it)

    Obviously it is too early to test (tried that)... just wanting to see if anyone has any thoughts. Could it be pregnancy symptoms or ovulation, etc. I have never had symptoms of O for this long though...

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    To me, it doesn't sound like ovulation symptoms, and ovulation symptoms would go away after ovulating. But it seems way too early for pregnancy symptoms as well. Really no way of knowing until you test next week. Good luck!

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