Hello my last period was April 3 2013 I track my period every month so my
days say that I am 26 days overdue from my last period. I usually have a 28-45 day cycle and now today I am on day 69 and still no blood what so ever I have taken only one pregnancy test and that was when I was 15 day late and it was for sure negative and I have not taken another. But back in oct. I bleed for a month start but it didn't not feel like a period at all and when it finally stopped I started back like two weeks after that and that felt like my period and evey since the I have had a normal period. I have not went to the dr and really dnt have the money to go and really dnt want to be disappointed so can someone help me and at least give me some advise on what to do next? And u can ask me anything u need to kno to try and help me figure this out..,