So. Tubes were tied in 8/11. They weren't clamped or just simply tied. My OB went in with 2 extra incisions and took out a large chunk of each of them like he would do if he was performing the operation in conjunction with a c-section. He said that statistically a tubal performed during a c-section is the most effective because of the ability to take out more tube. Since we have a pretty good reason for not wanting me to get pregnant again he felt justified in going to extra lengths for this.

Wednesday I had a crazy bad episode of PMS which is pretty common for me to have happen within 24 hours of starting my period. By then i was already on CD31 and I'm typically 24-25 days although I have had one or two cycles in the last year that hit 32 so I wasn't really worried. On Thursday about 8:30am I started feeling a lot of pressure in my pelvis. You know when you're at the end of pregnancy and have to carefully sit down or else it's like you're pushing a bowling ball right against your cervix? Yeah, it was like that. And it just kept building. I had already had bowel movements that day so I knew I wasn't stopped up. By the time I was driving the girls home from school I was in so much pain. I had to pull over 4 times on the 12 mile drive just because I wasn't able to focus on the road and felt like I was going to throw up from the pain. It felt worse than the pitocin induced contractions, natural labor w/o pain meds contractions, c-section, etc. It felt EXACTLY like with my last baby when I was in septic shock and contracting with a swollen infected uterus. Excruciating. Lasted about 8 hours like that and then eased up finally. Since then the pain has gotten less-today was really good actually but before today I still had to carefully sit down or else that cervix pain would still shoot me up out of my seat. But no bleeding.

And then.

So. WTH was all that pain??? It wasn't implantation cramping. I've had that and this was NOT cramping. No bleeding so I don't need to be freaking about ectopic, right? I mean, I'm freaking, don't get me wrong. Really freaking. John is hung up on the difference in darkness and isn't sure it's positive. I lightened it since it was a cell phone picture, but it's definitely two lines, right?

So-what do I do? I have an HMO and things tend to move a bit slow at this point in a pregnancy even if I tell them "I'm extremely high risk" so should I just hang tight and let the phone call tomorrow filter up to the right people who will kick into gear (my high-risk OB) or should I push on the phone to get a call back from either the OB or a nurse?

This is either going to be yet another one of our worst nightmares or else a very unexpected and amazing blessing.