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Thread: Got a LOT of info today

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    Default Got a LOT of info today

    Well, we got a summons to court today. I'm not entirely sure what that means or why or if it's standard procedure or what but we've got it anyway. It came with a lot of info about court and the case and everyone involved.

    Got dad's last name so I looked him up in the public court records...he's a violent criminal. Assault, stalking, battery, even assault with a deadly weapon and assault of a family member. Doesn't sound like his chances are great even if he decides to do something. Looks like he was given info and told he could get visits and just had to say when and just never called back. Might be because of his terrible record.

    Mom has apparently been MIA because she's been committed again and this time for a while. Looks like she's been in and out of the hospital all this time.

    Grandma lady shot herself in the foot I think. She said she missed the visit last time because a family member is staying with her and she doesn't trust them to be alone in her home. They don't sound too safe for a child either if you ask me.

    I'm nervous we might have to testify at court or something since we got a summons. I just want it over with already and we have another month to wait. Ugh!
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    I'm thinking of you guys and sending lots of positive vibes. I hope that this is really swaying the case in your direction so that you get her.

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    Leah I think that all sounds good and in your favor. Hopefully pretty soon they start TPR and get baby girl on an adoption track.

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    This poor child's biological family is really messed up I really hope for her sake (and for your sake) that she gets to stay with you.
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    This really does sound to all be in your favor, which is stressful, but great!

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