Just a for warning, this may be TMI. But, I recently got my implanon removed, had unprotexted sex that day, then started my period about 3 days after the removal. My period lasted about 4/5 days, as normal, and I endes my period barely over 2 weeks ago. Since then I have had unprotexted sex 6-7 times, randomly. My period should come in a week and a couple days from today, but for a couple days now I have had light red blood showing when I wipe, on one day it was a brownish color, but its not on my underwear, only sjows when I wipe after I pee. I feel like I have shortness of breath, maybe heartburn (?), and cramps, lower back pain. I didn't know if this is because I recently got off my implanon so I'm on my period, or if I could be pregnant? I know its too early for a test but wasn't sure what opinions people may have for me. Thanks!