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Thread: Really unsure if implantation bleeding or just light menstrual cycle.

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    Default Really unsure if implantation bleeding or just light menstrual cycle.

    Today I got what I cannot tell is my period or menstrual bleeding. Could constant paranoia over being pregnant cause my menstrual cycle to be lighter than usual? I had slight nausea and some stomach sickness BEFORE I began to bleed (sickness last night/very early in the morning) and it eventually went away but then came back. I feel the stomach problems were due to a high amount of caffeine and aspirin I took yesterday (4 regular strength 325 mg aspirins, and 3 very strong cups of colombian coffee which I eventually threw up yesterday due to taking the aspirin and coffee in a very short amount of time ((about an hour)) and being extremely nervous/paranoid/anxious about being pregnant) as I only slept for 3 hours. I also took a pregnancy test yesterday which came out negative. I have cramps but I also get this with my menstrual bleeding, my breasts are not really tender at all. I had unprotected sex 22 days ago for the very first time (right after i finished my period so maybe a day or two maybe even three after i was done), he did not ejaculate inside of me however I am aware of pregnancy through pre-ejaculate and I am not 100% if I removed all of it during oral sex. I do not know what I ovulate as sometimes my periods will come at the beginning of the month to the middle of the month. I have not had any morning sickness/nausea at all until before the bleeding and I have not been asleep so I do not know if the aspirin from yesterday upset me this morning or I am maybe sick from eating ramen this morning to soothe my stomach. I have been stressing out over bring pregnant although I have basically no symptoms and the ones I had (slightly tender breasts and cramping) lasted maybe 3 days which where a few days ago. I feel no fatigue or pain only some cramping and when I examine the blood it seems red, not pink. Also yesterday I drank warm water with some honey hearing it could help induce a period although I am not sure if it worked or not. Could I have felt the effects of pregnancy before I ha(d)ve been implanted? Do you think this is implantation bleeding? Can my paranoid be causing my period to be lighter than usual and if I calm down it will go back to its regular flow? Or is it just an odd period and also did having sex for the first time potentially just shock my body?
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    How long have you been bleeding and when was your period supposed to start?
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    I feel the same way

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    Ok, I just read your post again. First, I highly doubt you are pregnant. You had sex very soon after your period so odds are that you weren't ovulating yes. Also, if he did not ejaculate inside you, that lowers the chance even more. Stress and anxiety can definitely mess with your cycles and that is honestly what it sounds like is happening. You can freak yourself out so much that it makes your period late or very light. sounds like pregnancy is a very LOW possibility. I would bet that when you stop worrying so much your period will happen normally. In the future, I would definitely use condoms and birth control to keep yourself from having to be so scared every month.
    Olivia- mommy to Landon (6) and Caden (3)

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