Ok, here is the situation. I got a positive pregnancy test on April 19th. I have a 36 day cycle and my previous period was on March 28th. Now originally I had calculated my cycle at 30 days so I went to the doctor on May 21st for my first u/s. There was a sac with no baby in it. The doctor said she thought I was having a miscarriage but we would check again in 2 weeks. We had my blood drawn that day and my HCG was 19,712. Over those two weeks I still felt the same, still having some nausea, super sore breasts, the usual. Then on June 4th we had the second u/s to see what was happening, this time there was again a sac, which had grown a lot and was oblong instead of round, but still no baby inside. There was also a bubble of fluid beside it (pretty good size). So again the doctor said I am having a miscarriage and we should just wait and let it happen. Today they call me with my second blood result and my HCG level went up. I am still not having any miscarriage signs or symptoms, although my breasts do not hurt as much as they did previously. She wants to do another u/s in a month (and 4 days) to check again if nothing has happened by then.

Has this happened to anyone else and what ended up happening? Am I having a miscarriage or is there a chance there is a baby hiding in there? Could it be multiples and one is miscarrying and the other is hidden behind it on the u/s? My emotions are going everywhere just waiting to see, and I am not sure I can hold out another month and 4 days to find out for sure!