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    Ok, here is the situation. I got a positive pregnancy test on April 19th. I have a 36 day cycle and my previous period was on March 28th. Now originally I had calculated my cycle at 30 days so I went to the doctor on May 21st for my first u/s. There was a sac with no baby in it. The doctor said she thought I was having a miscarriage but we would check again in 2 weeks. We had my blood drawn that day and my HCG was 19,712. Over those two weeks I still felt the same, still having some nausea, super sore breasts, the usual. Then on June 4th we had the second u/s to see what was happening, this time there was again a sac, which had grown a lot and was oblong instead of round, but still no baby inside. There was also a bubble of fluid beside it (pretty good size). So again the doctor said I am having a miscarriage and we should just wait and let it happen. Today they call me with my second blood result and my HCG level went up. I am still not having any miscarriage signs or symptoms, although my breasts do not hurt as much as they did previously. She wants to do another u/s in a month (and 4 days) to check again if nothing has happened by then.

    Has this happened to anyone else and what ended up happening? Am I having a miscarriage or is there a chance there is a baby hiding in there? Could it be multiples and one is miscarrying and the other is hidden behind it on the u/s? My emotions are going everywhere just waiting to see, and I am not sure I can hold out another month and 4 days to find out for sure!


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    I'm not sure but it seems that the growing and increase in HCG is definitely a good sign! Hoping you get to see a healthy little baby on the next US!
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    I don't want to give you false hope but anything is possible. This happened to me when I got pregnant with my DD, who is almost 2,5 now. My first OB said there wasn't significant grows based on cycle dates (my cycles are irregular to begin with) and he actually told me to schedule a D&C if I didn't start miscarrying on my own. I found another OB and everything turned out fine, the fetal pole was taking longer to be visible on the u/s, probably because the dates were wrong. I'd ask for another u/s and repeated bloodwork in a week, if your insurance allows it.

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    I had the same thing happen in 7/11... My Hcg kept going up but a baby never grew...felt pregnant and looked pregnant... Every week for four months had bloodwork done and levels kept rising bit no growth.. It was torture...finally had a D&C... Got pregnant 6 months later....and now have a beautiful boy..OB called it a non viable egg... Said it happens a lot... Hopefully you'll have a good outcome but I know how stressful that situation is...

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