We are a totally non-poison household. I am against it in almost all forms, even if dbf wants to spray weed killer (aka dandilion killer, WHY???) in an area where the kids don't play, I'm not ok with that. This summer has been awful for ticks. I have done everything that it says to do. Keep the grass short. Clear all of the leafy debril from around the house, use cedar for landscaping, got chickens, sprinkled dichatoamous earth (I always spell it wrong) in the crevices of my home, flea and tick collars for the cats (even that I've never wanted to do but this year is so bad), checked us all at least once a day, sometimes more if we've been in nature a lot, vacuum and dust obsessively, keep clutter off the floors. I just keep finding them in the house! Two nights ago dbf woke in the middle of the night because he felt something crawling on him and when we turned on the light it was in the bed! Sawyer had one on his head one morning. Kai on his ear one evening, Savana on the back of her neck, me crawling across my chest, 3 or 4 on the cieling and/or wall. Tonight I found 2 on a pillow downstairs. I slathered the kids in a tea tree/coconut oil lotion since I read that tea tree repels them. I'm really really really bothered by this. What would you do?