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    My periods have been between every 43 to 45 days apart. Today is cd 29 on my cycle and I've been experiencing breast tenderness when touching them. This is not normal. Do yall think i might be pregnant. I'm scared to take a test because i dont want to see the bfn. I am trying to conceive. Can yall girls please give me any feedback. Thank yall so much.

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    Sounds to me like you will be ovulating soon and that is what the tenderness is from.

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    My guess would also be that you are around ovulation, likely just post ovulation (women normally ovulate 10-14 before they get their period). Progesterone is what makes your breasts tender and that hormone increases after ovulation. I would not test until your period is late.
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    I normally don't have breast tenderness around ovulation.

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