Well today was kind of crazy. Still having some major concerns with our CASA. She called today for the first time in 6 weeks and apologized and apologized for not speaking with me since court...then she said and I quote "I know absolutely nothing about this case and what's going on lately." That was encouraging. Then she said. "I'm required to see the baby every 30 days and am in trouble because I haven't seen her in 6 weeks." So she came to the "visit" at DSS. She was there about 30 seconds, said she just needed to officially see her and basically make sure she's alive and that she had to go because she was on her other job's time. I know she's busy with a new job and all, but it seems to me like she just doesn't have time to be a CASA right now.

Also at our "visit" with the fictive kin grandmother we've been having all of these issues with...she didn't show again. This was the second time in a row. I wish they'd just quit this charade already. She's had 12 opportunities for visits, so that's 12 times that we've been there and she's only made it to 3. For some of those another petitioner was there for the visit so at least it wasn't a wasted trip for us. But now that it's just this one lady it's a huge wasted trip. It's a good 30 minutes away for us and it's always during baby girl's nap time.

Also there's an update on mom. She was calling the CASA twice a week to ask when she could get visits back, and I'm sure she was calling the SW too. No one has heard from her now since court in April. Apparently they've tried all of her numbers and they're all disconnected. So no one has seen or heard from her in quite a while. I hate that I feel a little relieved that she isn't so actively pursuing everyone but it does...I mean she's a sweet lady and her situation sucks and it is sad, but more than likely she'll never be well enough to care for this baby and I'd hate for her to go back only to end up back in care again. I'm so glad that we decided to do this and we got our sweet baby girl, but these people drive me nuts sometimes. This lady not showing up acts like it's a big game or something and doesn't seem to have any idea how rude it is to not show. she's supposedly raised 20 kids from babies so how does she not remember with all those kids how hard it is to take a 6 month old baby 30 miles to a visit no one shows for in the middle of their nap time? Ugh! Anyway, so annoying. I wish she'd just give it up so we'd quit having to go through this every other week.