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Thread: Pregnancy symptons or depo wearing off?

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    Default Pregnancy symptons or depo wearing off?

    Hi!, New to the site, hoping I can find some answers (:

    I have a few questions, & I at the time don't have a way to get to a doctor till next month or a test till later on to know for sure or not,

    But last month I came off the depo-provera after being on it since October 2011. During the 2 years on it, I went off it for 2 shots (6 months) and never had any pains or problems during that time. Yet now, since coming off the shot for good last month I've realized my breasts have gotten noticeably bigger (Was a 34B, now I can fit a 34C!) and are extremely sore to the point that I won't let my husband even touch them. My hips & butt have gotten bigger as well that I struggle getting into my jeans sometimes. At first I thought I was gaining weight but have only gained a little 3 to 5 pounds (I'm 5'3, 110 pounds). I'll have pretty bad cramps, some to where I just curl up and cry, no period since early May and these pains around my lower stomach/hip area that I've never had before.

    Also last period was in early May & ended May 14th, 2013, have not bleed or spotted since.
    Now I know some side affects happen after coming off depo but all my friends who have been on the depo also never experienced any of these side effects unless they were pregnant.

    So we're woundering which it could be, just plain side effects from coming off the depo or maybe pregnancy?
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    It would be too early for a test but, I had the depo shot in high school only 1 round of it and then went to the pill. I did notice weight gain of 5 lbs but, it went away when I switched to the pill. I did not have any cramping or any of the other symptoms you are describing. You might be able to test next week.

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