Okay, wedding is over. I posted before that I was having bad nausea, lightheadedness, excessive fatigue, and slight muscle cramps (like twinges) in my tummy. And I am waaaaayyyyy too ditzy/forgetful. I walked around work a million times before I could remember what project I was working on. All of this started right after my period. I didnt pay attention as to whether it was normal. At first I thought it was stress because of the wedding, but i still am having these issues. There was a cramp like feeling in my back when the symptoms started but it did go away. Now i have a tight feeling in my lower tummy (whatever you call that area), and my boobs dont fit right in my bra. Im naturally big breasted but this is a noticeable change.

I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came up neg, but my period is late. I don't feel like I normally would right before it starts. (Severe cramps, stomach upset, headache) I have been reading that some women dont show positive until there months into the pregnancy. I don't want to go to the doctor for a false alarm. Should I wait this out a bit longer or go ahead and get a check up?