Hi everyone! I'm happily married with two beautiful little boys ages 6 and 3. Hubby and I agree that we are done having children and are waiting for new insurance to kick in so he can have a vasectomy. In the meantime, we've been using condoms. Earlier this week though we had a scare and now I'm paranoid over whether I will get pregnant or not. First of all, I'm nearly POSITIVE I ovulated on Monday. I have severe cramping on one side every month when I O, my sex drive was up, and the CM was correct. We had sex Monday night and although the condom didn't break, it slipped off when he pulled out and spilled semen (sorry if TMI). I don't know if semen actually got inside me, but it was definitely all over me down there. If we have another child that's fine but this is going to be a long two week wait. My next period is due June 11. What do you guys think? Is pregnancy likely? For the record, we've had zero issues conceiving in the past and seem very fertile. My second son was conceived off of one act of intercourse that month