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Thread: really confused please someone help

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    Default really confused please someone help

    Ok hi IM kinda new here and need some advice IM 35 and rbis will be my fifth child but in 2003 I had a full tubal my last Af was 4/29 but not normal wasn't heavy like usual all through the month of may I've had every symptom under the sun even symptoms I didn't even know about until I read them on here ok started spotting today and bleeding but only when I wipe not even enough to get on a pad the whole day worn sorry if TMI I have some slight cramping like I do with Af but nothing major would love to be PG and pretty aware of my body and can feel something different any feedback would be so appreciated

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    Ok, at this point, I think you need to call your doctor in the morning and make an appointment. There's no way for anyone to know what's going on, unless you go to the doctor for some testing. Best of luck!

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    I have an appt set for 2 wks

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    Just really confused

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