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    Ok, so, I'm using the Diva cup now, but I have an issue. I need some kind of panty liner for all the suppositories I am on for infertility. I've been using disposables, because I really, really hoped that it would be one IUI and I'd get pregnant and it'd be done. Alas, 10 or so IUIs later, and I'm STILL using disposables, and hate it!!

    So, I need a good, THIN cloth pad. They don't need to absorb hardly anything, just enough to keep those "pretty" blue, pink, and yellow pills from staining everything. But I do want them to stay in place well. I've been looking online, and I'm having a hard time figuring out which is the thinnest but still of good quality.

    Any recommendations?

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    I have some liners from Mother Moon Pads. I really like them. They are lined with OBV, so they are really soft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by i.<3.cheesysmiles View Post
    I have some liners from Mother Moon Pads. I really like them. They are lined with OBV, so they are really soft.
    I use the ones from her also. She is an awesome mama and her pads are so soft. She has a facebook page that is up to date and sells on HC and Etsy. She's great about answering questions or customs if you want a size she doesn't normally stock.
    I use her liners daily since having the trio. I have short, long, snaps, wingless, and all thicknesses up to her post partum. They never let me down. This month I am on disposables since my pads are packed for a move and I leaked through pads, in public of course, both days. I was so ticked.
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    Oh cool, thank you, I will look in to that brand!

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    If I had to buy mine again, I will go something made in USA by a mom. I have heard very good things about Mother Moon Pads too.
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    I tried a sampler pack from Lady Bits (she's in Spokane, on FaceBook) and the owner was super sweet and helpful, custom-makes everything, and shipped really fast. I'm going to order more. She can make long pantyliners, with or without PUL backing. Without is nice because it is more breathable.

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