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Thread: Scheduling WWYD?

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    Default Scheduling WWYD?

    Since I'm on Menopur now, I am forced to skip every other cycle. I am JUST finishing a "skipped" cycle- as in, I was spotting last I checked, and AF will arrive either late tonight or tomorrow.

    So, theoretically, I could be calling my RE to set up IUI #10 (11? I've lost track...), except I'm not sure I should. Here's the thing- we're going to Hawaii in 3 weeks, for 2 weeks. It's enough time to get through the daily U/Ss and the IUI, but then they "require" me to be on Progesterone in the 2ww. I don't want to deal with a vaginal suppository every 12 hours while on vacation!!! But even more importantly... I don't want to have to test and see that blaring BFN while on vacation. And, yes, because of the stupid progeterone (I HATE this stuff any more. Hate it.) I will HAVE to test. Well, I guess I could just keep taking the suppositories all through vacation and not test until I get home. AF will not arrive when I'm on them.

    Let's say I do test at 12 dpIUI, though. That will be on like day 4 of my 14 day vacation, and AF takes 5 days to arrive after stopping the progesterone. So not only would I have to deal with suppositories, an HPT, and a BFN, but I would also have to deal with PMS and AF.

    Now I'm debating... Do I really want to deal with all that? Should I just skip this cycle?

    Of course, even if I skip it, I will have PMS and AF (though probably before we go, since my unmedicated cycles are only about 24 days), so at least it'd be out of the way. But I would also still have to deal with the fact that I do not have the almost 9 month old that I should have, AND I'm not doing anything to work on having another. Sometimes inaction is more depressing than failed action. And, the kicker for not wanting to skip this cycle? I would also have to skip the next cycle, since the first two weeks of a Menopur cycle, MY doctor (can't find one in Hawaii to do it for me, nor would I want to spend all my vacation at the RE's, anyway) has to give me U/Ss nearly every day, and then do the IUI, and none of that can be done while in Hawaii.

    So, do I barrel through and deal with suppositories, testing, a BFN, PMS, and AF while on the best vacation I've had in ages? Or do I skip last cycle, this cycle, AND the next cycle, so 3 cycles in a row, and try to not think about the fact that I'm yet again doing NOTHING to get that ever-elusive sibling for my very social girl...

    <sigh> Can you tell I'm having a tough time with this?? What would you all do?

    Oh, and let me end on this positive note that I want to scream at the top of my lungs: I HATE STC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I would probably do the cycle. Any chance you can stay on the prog. long enough to hold off AF (though I hope you will get a BFP ) until you get back? I would hate dealing with AF while on Vacation the most LOL. Good luck!

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    I would probably do it as well. Also, can your Dr prescribe oral progesterone? I've done both and prefer the oral. Good luck, no matter what you decide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TripMomma View Post
    I would probably do the cycle. Any chance you can stay on the prog. long enough to hold off AF (though I hope you will get a BFP ) until you get back? I would hate dealing with AF while on Vacation the most LOL. Good luck!

    I think I would do this as well. AF on vacation is the worst. The one thing I miss about being on the pill....I used to play around with them a bit to control AF if I had a vacation coming up.

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    I agree, I'd go for it and test when you get back and ask for oral progesterone. KUP o what you decide to do. Good luck!
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    The only thing about oral progesterone is that it can make some women dizzy. I experience dizziness about 30 minutes after taking it but it didn't last long. At night, I don't feel it, but with the morning one I always did. If it were me, I wouldn't skip the cycle. But then again, I want my BFP like yesterday. I know each month I'm getting a little older and time is running out for me.
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    If you can prolong AF with Progesterone and not do a test until you get back I would go for it this month. That way it's not three cycles that are skipped. Maybe the vacation will lower your stress so you can have your little bean snuggle up and implant nice a snug!!


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    I am currently on the oral progesterone and have not had any dizziness. Hopefully you will not either.

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    Thanks all!

    After posting this, I realized we have ANOTHER vacation right after Hawaii (yeah, busy summer...), so I would actually have to skip FOUR cycles. Blah. No! So we're going to go ahead and try the IUI. Since so many have failed, I think we're going to skip the Letrozole and just do straight Menopur. I'm a little scared, haha.

    I probably could stay on the progesterone and keep AF away while on vacation. That's an idea... Not sure I want to, though, since that means I would have to prolong trying again for those two weeks! But maybe I should... Maybe if I do it right, I can postpone cycle #4 until after vacation #2, and then try then, anyway... Hmm, that might be a really good idea!!

    Hmm, I don't know if they would do oral progesterone or not. That would be WAY easier, haha. I'll ask. Though I do have about 100 vaginal pills left that I may as well use up, so not sure if I really want to buy more. But it does sound SO much easier!

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