I'm new at this whole forum thing but here we go.
A short history of my self.
I'm 22.
I have PCOS
My periods are VERY irregular.
I don't know when I ovulate.

Date of sex : May 26,2013
Between 5AM and 7AM.

We had sex between those hours. Stopping a few times of course.
We went to sleep when we were done.
When I woke up, lower part of my admonin was sore.
Now it's the 28th. I hardley ate because I feel full.
I vomited this morning.
I feel sluggish, tired (I've slept A LOT), headache,lower back pain, sick to my stomache, and the top part of my stomache (where my ribs are) is kind of hard and sore.
I get like spasms around my pelvic area.
Even tho it's not that hot, my body is giving off a lot of heat.

I know this is CRAZY because it's only been three days but, could I be pregnant? I have VERY iregular periods, I don't know when the last time I had a period was.
But I've herd you can still ovulate without one. And I don't know when I ovulate.

I'm going to test on the 8th if these feelings and stuff don't go away.

What do you think?