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    Default Just not sure - need opinions

    I'm 32 and my hubby and I have been TTC for almost 5 years now so I try not to get too hopeful when I'm feeling different. These last couple weeks have been off the charts, though, for unexplained symptoms:

    1. For the last 1.5 weeks I've been nauseous after eating breakfast (actually threw up one morning and almost did again today). I've tried eating different things but it doesn't seem to make any difference. After that subsides - or in the case of actually throwing up - I feel perfectly fine.

    2.The last few days now I've been extremely tired. Even completely passed out on the hubby's shoulder last night at 6:30. I work out in the morning and generally feel completely energized afterward but that doesn't seem to last the last couple days.

    3. Last week I had abdominal cramping. Once I had a really sharp, but short pain on the right side during an ab exercise.

    4. Need to pee a lot more often.

    AF isn't due for 3 days yet, but I did a test on Fri (day 26) and it was negative - I know it's early but I had one and curiosity got the best of me. My last cycle was actually early (29 days, usually 33) but was pretty light. Last week would be the week after I would have ovulated (according to phone apps anyway - I haven't been doing OPK because I'm trying NOT to think about it too much.) I'm not sure if maybe the pain would be another cyst - I have endometriosis, but the nauseousness is completely new, strong & persistent - what's really throwing me off.

    Just curious on your thoughts. Let me know if you'd need to know any other info. Thank you!
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