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    Post how to start your cycle

    So I was diagnosed with PCOS about 20 years ago. I have been occasionally trying to get pregnant without too much enthusiasm, but lately I have decided, at the age of 39, that I definitely want a baby. I normally have my cycle only three or four times a year, with my last one being over five months ago.

    I researched natural cures for PCOS and infertility and started taking ground flaxseed, 1/8 cup every other day, 5 months ago. Still no period. I had tried different herbs before with no success, but now I added them to my flaxseed. I took 500 mg black cohosh, 1000 mg chaste berry, 2000 mg red raspberry, and was pleased to get my cycle only about eight hours later.

    So that's why I think that ground flaxseed and the above herbs are the best for restoring fertility and probably, getting pregnant. (Don't take black cohosh after you have conceived.)

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    Sweet... I may try this.
    Mariah (35) and DH (40) BFP 8/12/13! Baby Kayla is here! Praying for all the APA girls .

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