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Thread: Chemical Pregnancy?

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    Exclamation Chemical Pregnancy?

    I got a positive test a while back, then got a very weird period 2 1/2 weeks past when I shoulda gotten it. Up until then I had major pregnancy symptoms. I would have been maybe 3 weeks? But I want to know the symptoms of a chemical pregnancy. I just got hevy bleeding again it was 4 days late from when it should have been if the 2 1/2 week bleeding was a period. Help please? I've tried searching it, ur there aren't really any symptoms listed, just that it's a thing that can happen? Anybody know about this? thanks for any help!

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    It is very common to have bleeding in early pregnancy. Have you taken another pregnancy test? You could very well still be pregnant and be one of those women that has bleeding early-on. Normally with a chemical, or at least with the 4 I've had, I got a positive pregnancy test, very early and within a few days to a week, I'd start my period. It sometimes was a little heavier than usual, but that is it. Good luck to you! Keep us posted!
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    I did the do, on the 23 of march, I should have gotten my period on the 6th of April, I didn't get it and waited a week, and tested on the 13th with my first urine of the day, and it was positive. I went to the clinic 3 days later for a better urine test, and it came out negative, but I took another home test in 3 days and it was positive again, and on the 21st got a very weird period that had no cramps at all, and I always cramp horribly. And I always bleed kinda thin, and it's had a lot of tissue in the period, and the one I got on the 24th that was supposed to start on the 19th. Does that sound right at all?

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    The hpts the doctors offices and clinics are not as sensitive as the store bought one's. The same thing happened to me years ago. My dr said I wasn't pg but MY hpt said yes. So they did blood work, which showed I was indeed pg. I would buy another test and see what it says. You won't have any true answers until you test again.
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    I'm nervous... I've already accepted that I'm not pregnant and it's been stressful on me and my boyfriend. :/

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    Day 6 of bleeding, this isn't normal, I am only on my period for 5 days max, never 6

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    Bleeding is normal but 6 days of bleeding and it being heavy and with clots would give me cause to call the doctor and have them check me out. I don't know anything about chemical pregnancies and have never had one. I have had a miscarriage and my bleeding was so light they thought it was just normal bleeding and/or from doing the deed with DH during the 1st trimester. I pray that you get some answers soon and that everything works out for you.

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