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Thread: dreams can be so harsh sometimes

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    Default dreams can be so harsh sometimes

    So last night I got together with some friends and for about 30 mins they did nothing but talk about pregnancy and hospital delivery stories. I enjoy listening to them even though sometimes its hard. But then last night I had a dream I was pregnant. And this was the second pregnancy dream in 3 days. Its just harsh that my heart keeps going there even though in my brain I know its not happening for me. Everyone tells me to hang in there and have hope but hope has been my enemy in this part of my life journey for the last 13 years. On a happier note, Lily will be graduating preschool today although my feelings are mixed, they are mostly good! I am very proud of the witty, outgoing, friendly girl she is becoming
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    Thanks Kelly

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    I know how that feels. I hate those dreams but at the same time like them in a way because that is likely the only place I will get to know how that is. I will say that I have had them a lot less often once I let go of the hope that a pregnacy might happen.

    Just remember you might not pregnancy delivery stories to tell BUT you do have stories about how your babies became yours. The getting the call story, the first meeting story.....and those are just as important and valid as your friends stories.

    Jennifer, 35, DH 36

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    Thanks for your kind words Jennifer

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