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Thread: Placenta Previa?

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    Question Placenta Previa?

    Hopefully I'm posting in the right forum for a couple answers!

    My name is Andrea and I am almost 22 weeks pregnant with my second child. I have a 5 year old son and am baking my first baby girl. I'm very excited! With my son I had a few problems but nothing major other than gestational diabetes. With this one, a few this are coming up that I've actually never even heard of and I was hoping someone or maybe even a few people with experience could give me some tips and info.

    The diabetes carried on to this pregnancy, of course, but at my 20 weeks ultrasound I found out baby girls kidney's were swollen (yes both) and my placenta is a little less than half an inch away from covering my cervix as well as it is directly behind my belly button, down. I'm not to wear anything other than loose fitting clothing as that can cut off circulation and that was the only restriction I was given until I'm seen again at 26 weeks to see if the placenta moved. I asked my doctor what the chances are of it moving up, how often does she see this and how often does she see it stay in place and she told me they normally like to see the placenta either at the top of the uterus (normal pregnancy) or at least 4 inches away from the cervix. She told me she wasn't going to lie to me that the women she does see it in, a few of theirs move up but a lot more stay in the same position. She reassured me she will still let me deliver normally as long as my placenta can move at least 2 inches up and cause no bleeding.

    Now my question! Has anyone gone through this? If so, did yours move or what info were you given about it? It seems like a lot of doctors have different opinions. I will be put on bed rest in the hospital at 26 weeks if the placenta has not moved and that I really do not want. Any information would be great! Thank you guys so much ahead of time!

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    Sounds like partial placenta previa, but you DO have time for the placenta to move up. I don't really understand the loose clothing recommnedation...? I don't have any first hand experience with swollen kidneys (I hope they are looking into this for you) or placenta previa, but hopefully one of the other mamas does

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    Sounds like what you are describing is an anterior placenta, where the placenta is at the front of the uterus. Previa is when the placenta covers the cervix, and can be described as partial, complete, etc. I'm surprised that your OB said it usually doesn't move, as I have always heard it usually does move. What happens is that the placenta is attached in the same place, but as the uterus expands it "moves" away from the cervix. It is a fairly common finding at the 20wk US, but because there is still lots of expansion going on most cases resolve. As far as the pregnancy goes as long as it is not blocking the cervix it doesn't cause a risk of bleeding, so I"m surprised that they would suggest hospital bedrest for one that isn't even on the cervix. And I have known people even with partial previa to have vaginal births. Having an anterior placenta is associated with placenta previa more often, but I have never heard of it causing a problem during pregnancy on it's own. I have had an anterior placenta twice and have never heard any concern about pressure on the outside of the uterus. It can be an issue during a c/s if it is behind the incision, and that was the case with my 3rd child, but the OB was careful and while it did get nicked just a tiny bit there were no complications from it.

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    I had the same diagnosis at my 1st u/s appt...but my doctor told me the opposite information: she said that in most cases the placenta does move up as the uterus expands. I'm hoping for that as well (my next u/s to check is in 2 weeks) b/c I really, really don't want a c-section.

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    Thanks ladies! My doctor did say it moves up but she said that in a lot of the cases she personally has had, they didn't. I have the anterior and partial that you were describing. She did say, however, that it could cause bleeding whether or not it was completely covering or not. That was my big concern. I don't want a hospital visit or extended stay. She also told me that they do the 4-6 check up because that gives the placenta time to move with the uterus growing, I was just worried that with her "it doesn't happen a lot" answer that it wouldn't happen with me. I was doing my own research and saw all the different opinions I was just thinking oh goodness. As far as the loose clothing, I was getting some major pressure in my pelvic area and that's when she told me to stay away from anything that feels snug. All this was nice to hear from you guys though, thank you so much!

    Do any of you by chance know what can cause, or even heard of, the baby having swollen kidney's? This time around I am having a girl but I heard the swollen kidney's were more associated with boys. My son was perfectly fine kidney wise. She told me she couldn't jump to conclusions about it because it could just have been she needed to pee and wouldn't and that she would be looking to be sure they've gone down at the appointment to check the placenta. I just never knew things could swell up and all that stuff while the baby was still in the uterus growing. Any other ideas? Are there things I should be doing perhaps?

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    I had placenta previa with my 2nd child. Mine did move up.
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    I just had this same thing happen. I delivered my son on 5/23 via c-section due to placenta previa and it being anterior. I had a bad bleed around 14 weeks which is when I found out I had previa. They told me they'd check back at my 20 week ultrasound to see if it moved. I was put on pelvic rest, no lifting anything over a milk jug and no intercourse, nothing in the vagina at all! By the 20 week ultrasound it still hadn't moved but they re-assured me that it could still move. My previa was complete. Then around 31 weeks I had another bad bleed after repeated bending at the waist pulling weeds outside. About a week later I was put on modified bed rest at home with no bending added to my list of don'ts and my c-section was scheduled for 37 weeks. Becuase my placenta was anterior when my doctor opened me up he actually did an ultrasound right on my uterus to find the best place to make the incision. Another thing was becuase my placenta was so low my baby never went head down and was transverse so he had to cut my uterus vertically and he cut right through my placenta becuase that was the best/only way to safely get the baby out. All wen't well. I lost alot of blood which was one major worry but I did not need a transfusion.

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