Hopefully I'm posting in the right forum for a couple answers!

My name is Andrea and I am almost 22 weeks pregnant with my second child. I have a 5 year old son and am baking my first baby girl. I'm very excited! With my son I had a few problems but nothing major other than gestational diabetes. With this one, a few this are coming up that I've actually never even heard of and I was hoping someone or maybe even a few people with experience could give me some tips and info.

The diabetes carried on to this pregnancy, of course, but at my 20 weeks ultrasound I found out baby girls kidney's were swollen (yes both) and my placenta is a little less than half an inch away from covering my cervix as well as it is directly behind my belly button, down. I'm not to wear anything other than loose fitting clothing as that can cut off circulation and that was the only restriction I was given until I'm seen again at 26 weeks to see if the placenta moved. I asked my doctor what the chances are of it moving up, how often does she see this and how often does she see it stay in place and she told me they normally like to see the placenta either at the top of the uterus (normal pregnancy) or at least 4 inches away from the cervix. She told me she wasn't going to lie to me that the women she does see it in, a few of theirs move up but a lot more stay in the same position. She reassured me she will still let me deliver normally as long as my placenta can move at least 2 inches up and cause no bleeding.

Now my question! Has anyone gone through this? If so, did yours move or what info were you given about it? It seems like a lot of doctors have different opinions. I will be put on bed rest in the hospital at 26 weeks if the placenta has not moved and that I really do not want. Any information would be great! Thank you guys so much ahead of time!