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    Hi all, AF started on May 8 and ended on May 13. My husband and I were intimate on May 15, and today I have had pink/red spotting. I have never had spotting before, other than when I was pregnant, but this just seems like weird timing for spotting due to pregnancy. Is it possible that I am pregnant, even though I had a period this month. I would probably just ignore this and chalk it up to being nothing, except that just last night I had told my husband I have been nauseous every night before bed for the past couple days. I have heard of people getting periods throughout their pregnancies, so I know its possible, but I never did with my first. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this and if so, what did it turn out to be? Also, I am on birth control, which I started on the 12, but I have always used bc and never had any abnormal bleeding before.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.

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    I would test just to make sure other then that on rare occasions I have heard if woman having O spotting GL Hun hope you get answers oh and I have an 18 year old DD and I bled on and off during her pregnancy not just spotting but full flow thru out up till delivery my dr's chalked it up as unexplained vaginal bleeding crazy but she's here so yes you can bleed during oh and everything turn out okay.

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    Based on your AF dates, being on BC and the timing of May 15, I think it probably is just spotting and not pregnancy. I'm not a MD but I am thinking the odds are in favor of not being pregnant. May 15 is potentially too soon to O after AF, combined with the BC... Good luck!
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