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    We are living outside the US and are heading back to the US for good this summer. I plan to potty train my youngest as soon as we are settled back, and we honestly just have hardly been using our cloth diapers the past two years for a few different reasons. So I am going to try to sell my stash here, but I am worried that since people here are not as familiar with CD'ing, they won't be willing to pay a good price for used diapers.

    My stash consists of the following:
    12 BG OS pockets (5 are 4.0 and 7 are 3.0)
    2 Drybees night-time pockets (I would include with them good quality prefolds as inserts)
    2 Thirsties covers
    3 infant cotton prefolds
    2 travel wetbags
    freebies: pail liner, wipes, 2 worn-out toddler prefolds
    (everything for sale is in excellent to good condition)

    I have priced each item individually but am thinking of asking the equivalent of 140 US$ for the whole stash. Do you think that is a fair price (for me and for them)? What's he lowest that you accept for this? I don't want to ask for too much but don't want to sell myself short either. It's conceivable that I could have room in my luggage to bring them back home and sell them in the states if I can't sell them at a good price here.
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    For the BGs you could easily sell those for $10 each. Drybees I would do $10 each. $10 each for thirsties covers....$1 each for prefolds, and $5 for wetbags. Then calculate paypal fees/shipping if you're selling online
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