Hi all!
I'm expecting #3 and I've CD both of my boys for at least a year each(First one 1st we did almost 2 years, the second off and on after 6 months and now we're thinking he's ready for PT).
I used Flip exclusively with my first son. They worked great for the most part, until towards the end of the year I was replacing all of the elastic b/c of leaking issues. I ended up getting them all replaced under warranty because I was so frustrated with it. The 2nd son we did pre-folds the first 4 months than a combination of my Flips (still had leaking issues, even with the new replacements) and Rumparooz I borrowed from a friend to try pocket diapers out.
I've decided I just don't care for the synthetic fabric liners. the Microfiber always keeps such a horrid smell no matter the amount of stripping, wash/rinse combos, switching detergents I have tried. It could just be cause they are old now(3 years anyway)?

Anyway, I'm thinking of switching with this baby to the Blueberry Capri diaper system once baby outgrows the prefolds I have, and then using the Simplex OS All in One for night time (it gives you the ability to stuff extra).

What do you think the going rate for used Flip covers and liners would be if I tried to sell. For all my complaints about them the covers are in excellent used condition (i think leaks more had to do with the fit on my bean-pole of a second child) and the liners have definitely been used but would probably be in good used condition. Trying to recoup some of the cost if i do make this switch.