So I posted this already in the "Christian" forum but I was thinking that here may be a little more appropriate because this thread spot is about being natural so yeah.

I'm new here and currently 27 weeks pregnant. My husband and I want to have a natural birth at home not in a hospital. And I feel like we are losing the battle to have this be a possibility. We went to several midwifes and got rejected because of my blood pressure so I changed my diet and started using coconut oil and got my blood pressure down to a normal one. Then tried to go again with other midwifes but we kept getting rejected then the only one that took me now wants to transfer me to a hospital because I don't fit into her box and says that my weight is an issue. I am healthy though she had said multiple times that I'm healthy. I have put myself on a very strict diet for baby and me. We are at a loss and feel like giving up and just having it in a hospital. But I don't want to do that. The other option is to have it ourselves and that scares me. We could just use direction on where we are supposed to go. If anyone has any advice or encouragement that would be great.