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    I'm new here and currently 27 weeks pregnant. My husband and I want to have a natural birth at home not in a hospital. And I feel like we are losing the battle to have this be a possibility. We went to several midwifes and got rejected because of my blood pressure so I changed my diet and started using coconut oil and got my blood pressure down to a normal one. Then tried to go again with other midwifes but we kept getting rejected then the only that took me now wants to transfer me to a hospital because I don't fit into her box and says that my weight is an issue. I am healthy though she had said multiple times that I'm healthy and I have put myself on a very strict diet for baby and me. We are at a loss and feel like giving up and just having it in a hospital. But I don't want to do that. The other option is to have it ourselves and that scares me. We could just use direction on where we are supposed to go. If anyone has any advice or encouragement that would be great.

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    May I ask why you don't want to deliver in a hospital? I gave birth in one with my first so I'm no help with the home birth advice, but if you end up being forced to deliver at a hospital, maybe I can help alleviate some fears/concerns about deliveries there.

    I also commented on your other thread, but I didn't want to offer this for fear of retaliation from some of the other ladies that I'm not being supportive. I do mean to offer comfort, so I apologize if I don't come across as encouraging, that is not my intention at all!
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    What about a birth center? Would that be something that would be a compromise/acceptable to you? I can completely understand your disappointment. I have had both a birth center and homebirth and I understand why you may feel discouraged due to the fact that you have been working so hard to have your homebirth. Since you posted it in this forum,I encourage you to pray about it and to find God's peace with whatever decision He wants you to make. I can't answer that obviously, but just some thoughts...perhaps he is wanting you to exercise your faith and cast your cares on him or perhaps he is putting these stumbling blocks in your way so that you won't have a homebirth...only prayer and truly casting your cares on Him will be able to decipher that for you. My church (Cornerstone in San Antonio) just preached an awesome message about What to Do for a Broken Heart. I highly recommend listening to it online as he really went through the importance of casting your cares on Jesus. This is something that I am trying to do right now concerning the short sale of our house so I know from experience that it isn't the easiest, BUT we serve a loving, benevolent God who wants the best for His children. We are so important to Him that as my pastor (and the Bible) pointed out, He has taken the time to number every single hair on our head.

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    I would also encourage you to pray about the situation. It seems like you are doing everything right to have the birth that you want but unfortunately can not find a provider willing to do so in your case. I actually live in a state very against births outside of a hospital so I have had two hospital births and will be having another one in July. I am disappointed but have had good experiences in the hospital thus far. The Lord can certainly make a home birth happen for you but He might also have another plan for you.
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