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How was your CM after conception? Did it dry up? If you did have cm, would you say it was wet/liquidy, lotiony/sticky, or ewcm?

I'm trying to figure out if I o'd on Mar31 or Apr5. I had fertile cm around Mar31 and usually dry up after O, but I had full on EWCM around Apr5. I always get a pos hpt at 8dpo, but got a neg on Apr12 (12dpo with Mar31 c date)-which would slash Mar31 conception date out. It's possible that I got a neg at 12dpo, but reaaaally unlikely as with every pregnancy I was super early when finding out (DD1 idk the exact date bc I didn't know o date, but with DS and DD2 I was 7 and 8dpo). When I got my positive on Apr18, it looked like my past 11dpo tests, which would coincide perfectly with the Apr5 cm and c date. Opinions??

**I know its only 5 days apart-but that could be the difference between December and January for me. Dr put the date at Dec23, but that's from a Mar31 conception date. I know ultrasounds can be off a few days, but I'd just like to hear your opinions.