I feel so out of control not knowing when my conception date was. I know, I sound soo silly. I get it. But I'm one of those control freaks who need to know. I didn't know with my first, but we were trying. I knew with my second and third, and feel very educated about the whole process (charting, fertile days, o dates, ewcm, etc). And since this was an oops, I know it could have been between Mar31 and Apr7...but that's not good enough for me!!! I guess because my due date is at the end of December and I REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want a December baby. Of course I'm happy with healthy and that's all I ask for, but please if we can, stay in til January! We are huge Christmas celebrators and I really don't want this to change our tradition. Yes, I understand that things might not go my way, but I really want them to
Then I start thinking about January, which means I'll go overdue. I have 9 pound babies. I was lucky my last was only 7 pounds, but she was also 2 days early. My other two were 9 pounds and having a 9 pounder naturally is freaking me out!! I know I sound like a mess, and silly. A part of my issue with it is I have to wait until DECEMBER/JANUARY to know lol!! I'm a "I need to know right now" kinda person. I shouldn't even be complaining about anything, but I am. Thanks for making it this far This is exactly how I feel right now ---->